Meet Saul and Krystelle. This is Saul and Krystelle eight years ago before we flew out for a debate meet in Georgia. These two have been a major part of my life for the past eight years, always there for me and I cannot express how grateful I am to have them in my life.

Over the weekend, I had the honor of photographing Saul proposing to Krystelle. Nothing I could ever write could express the love these two truly have for each other, so I will leave that to a master.

Sonnet 16

I love you and your earthy flesh,
because from the planetary meadows
I have no other star.  You repeat
the multiplication of the universe.

Your broad eyes are the light that I have
from the vanquished constellations;
your skin throbs like the paths
traced by a meteor through the rain.

I felt your hips were made of moon;
your mouth and its delights were a sun
burning bright like honey in the shade,

your heart burnt by long red rays,
and thus I kiss across your blazing shape,
small and planetary, dove-like and geographical

-Pablo Neruda