Documentary style Austin courthouse wedding photographer

I am a wedding and elopement photographer who delights in all things love and storytelling. My hope is to document your day, from the quiet moments in the morning, to the emotional hand squeezes as your partner speaks their vows, to hitting the dance floor to capture the celebration. My approach is to observe and document your wedding story as it unfolds.

As a dogfather to one rescue mutt that goes by the name of Hobbit, I will swoon over any pets you have. I am a former sushi chef, game enthusiast, cinema lover, amateur snack reviewer in an international marriage to an avid hiker, general homebody, aspiring handcrafter, I cannot wait to hear the quirks you love about each other and how you met.

Austin, Texas

Toronto, Ontario

Many photographers photograph so they can make a picture. They’re attracted to the structural nature of the image and the kind of hunt involved in picture-making. But for me, photography has always been a tool rather than an end in itself, a way of attempting to understand what it means to feel kinship with another - what, I think, could be called empathy.



Weddings shot:

Grit by Angela Duckworth


indulging in:

- Larry Fink

Austin, Texas

Springdale Station





Lush indoor garden party hosted in a historic train station that had everyone declaring, they were Simply the Best.



Ditching tradition, an informal wedding celebration on the downtown courthouse steps, followed by a party on a rooftop in the heart of downtown Austin.



A backyard BBQ wedding that Anthony Bourdain would love to attend, mounds of smoked meats, flowing bottles of wine, and a queso fountain.