Eight Years in the Making

February 28, 2011



Meet Saul and Krystelle. This is Saul and Krystelle eight years ago before we flew out for a debate meet in Georgia. These two have been a major part of my life for the past eight years, always there for me and I cannot express how grateful I am to have them in my life.

Over the weekend, I had the honor of photographing Saul proposing to Krystelle. Nothing I could ever write could express the love these two truly have for each other, so I will leave that to a master.

Sonnet 16

I love you and your earthy flesh,
because from the planetary meadows
I have no other star.  You repeat
the multiplication of the universe.

Your broad eyes are the light that I have
from the vanquished constellations;
your skin throbs like the paths
traced by a meteor through the rain.

I felt your hips were made of moon;
your mouth and its delights were a sun
burning bright like honey in the shade,

your heart burnt by long red rays,
and thus I kiss across your blazing shape,
small and planetary, dove-like and geographical

-Pablo Neruda



[…] some milestones in the relationship, like the first night they met, the day Saul got down on one knee to profess he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and now their wedding […]

congratulations Krys! Wonderful memories captured! Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for letting me see such a sweet moment if you life ;0)!

Love them all!


Biggest smile I’ve ever seen! Congrats! 😀

Wonderful! what a privilege!!! they will truly treasure these shots forever!

Great shots Sam, I love the emotion in all of them!

Made me weepy, it’s so sweet! Love the phone call photos.

Sam, this is so incredibly nice. I love their emotion and you managed to capture the candid moment so well. Great job, buddy!

Beautiful work! Great coverage of a simple event. I’m sure they’ll treasure these photos.

sam you did an awesome job with the pictures, you are a great photographer and you just have the talent to keep flourishing great job, thanks for capturing their day of their life

So much emotion captured here. Well done on capturing such a special moment so well.

SAM! Good gosh, I just wanted to cry with excitement for them. You know you did an awesome job when you can create that emotion in someone who has never even met the couple! 🙂

So awesome!!! They look so happy. You did such a fabulous job capturing this for them.

I thought it was so cute that you showed them on their phones after the big moment…that’s so what happens=) Congratulations to Saul and Krystelle!!! What a sweet momentous occasion.

Great storytelling!
I really felt like I was there, watching from a nearby bench or something.
I love the sweetness. Her smile and emotion just pop off the screen.

Awesome!! Beautiful images.

I love the tears. Its so gorgeous. Makes me all weepy. Congratulations to the newly fiance’d!

Dude … you didn’t just capture it … you killed it. What an unforgettable moment. True friends do stuff that no one else can do. You did it.

These are gorgeous and I totally felt it, as I was scrolling through them… they’re all just brilliant. =)

I looooooove this Sam. You really did a fabulous job. I love the b&w one with a tear in her eye…made me all teary eyed. 🙂

Awesome work bro! I love the real emotions that you captured.

Wow my friend! You captured this PERFECTLY!!! Love the emotion!

Congrats, you two! The pics are lovely, and you are so blessed to have found your soul mates for life. May you remain best friends for the rest of your lives!

sam these are so gorgeous! it must have been so incredible to witness such a special moment. i love all the shots of them on their cell phones, probably calling their parents to give them the news 😀

These are so sweet and beautiful! Love the one where you can see the tear in her eye – very genuine. Also love the talking on the cell phone at the same time as admiring the ring!

Engagarazzi!!! I love it. I think I might do my first one next month. I’ll email you for some pointers on how to stay ninja :_)

Oh man, I want to capture an engagement so badly now! This is awesome.

Sam, these are beautiful! Love your framing!!