Bao + Andrew | Malverde Anniversary Party

I remember where I was when I got this inquiry from Bao. We were in Medicine Hat Alberta, Brittany was on the phone talking to a client, and I had just parked the car at a liquor store to buy some beers for the pizza were going to have for dinner. We were in wifi range, so I could check my email. Bao wrote to me and asked if I was available to document her ten year anniversary. I silently freaked out (I didn’t want to be too loud to disturb Brittany’s call), but a range of emotions surged through me. Documenting someone you know as well as a fellow photographer is kinda nerve wrecking. It truly is a great honor.

I photographed Bao’s family a few years back, and they are seriously one of the sweetest families I know. The girls are so smart, polite and definitely inquisitive. I love how Bao and Andrew talk to them as adults, they definitely set a standard in parenting. It was so lovely to see them throw a party for their closest friends and family, with plenty of lovely food and drinks from Malverde. At ten years, these two seem more in love than ever.

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