Jordan + Ted | Carpenter Hotel Wedding

Going through these Carpenter Hotel wedding images, it feels like being transported back to a wedding at our parent’s generation. Friends brought desserts, a family friend did florals, there weren’t any portraits, a surprise jam session, everyone was just so present, embracing the day. Jordan and Ted have built themselves such a strong community, it felt like a wedding for them.

The rehearsal dinner took place at their lovely home, along with fried chicken with all the fixings, and coolers full of Shiner and Topochico. I have never seen so much heart from two people, always making sure everyone was fed and catching up with their lives. They even bought a birthday cake for five people who were celebrating that week. The night concluded with an impromptu jam session in their living room with people howling Bad Moon Rising.

Jordan and Ted had their wedding at the vibrant Carpenter Hotel. This used to be the Austin Carpenters Local 1266 building but has been transformed into a boutique hotel that includes a fantastic food hall. When entering Jordan’s room, you can just sense her laid back energy. She’s was just enjoying herself, taking it all in, listening to oldies, it was quite a different speed than most weddings I attend. Ted wore black jeans, a bowtie, and a tuxedo jacket that extrudes his confident, cool personality. They read personal vows to each other, laughing and tearing up at the right moments. Jordan even just went over to kiss Ted in the middle of the ceremony because it felt right. That evening we were regaled with stories of Jordan and Ted’s adventures, they met at work and had become best friends, being each other’s support system and cheerleader. They kept things professional and only started dating when they worked at separate companies. Their passion is their clothing company they started together (told you they were best friends) Native Color.

Thank you Jordan and Ted for truly making me feel like a guest at this wedding, being able to freely document moments as they happened. Also, I had the best spaetzle of my life.

Venue: Carpenter Hotel | Florist: Sally Todd | Catering : Carpenter Hall |  Hair: Alissa Shores | Makeup: Selma Sosa 

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