Cat + Brian | Austin Wedding at Barr Mansion

March 13, 2014

Love comes at very unexpected times. With Cat and Brian, it came when they were interning for an architecture firm in Denmark. They met in passing at university, but when Cat got sick, Brian did the noble thing and took care of her. They have been inseparable ever since. A few year later, these two have become an architecture super couple, probably going to create an “architecture super baby” their boss exclaimed during his speech. These two have so much devotion for their work, and for each other.

Their wedding was a very relaxed wedding, with lot of people coming from out of town and country. Being the master architects, they created a ton of concrete candles for the day. The most important thing to Cat and Brian was to show their loved ones a very good time in Austin. As you can see with Cat, there isn’t really a moment in time where she isn’t smiling or laughing, it is truly infectious. Brian’s eyes on Cat are truly filled with a lot of love and care. I could not love every moment I spent with these two and their family.


I love, love, love how personable and REAL your photographs are. AWESOME!

Holy cow what a pretty venue! I love the shot of the bride’s reflection, super pretty!

Stunning coverage from start to finish! Love this set.

love the reception coverage. so on point.

There’s so much great laughter and happiness at this wedding – great job capturing it all!

Wonderful photos! Those last two images are amazing.

You, sir, have outdone yourself on these. It’s great storytelling and compositions that make me want to throw my own camera away. Dude! Seriously!!! These are amazing.

Beautiful coverage of the day. You got some amazing candid moments.

Gah!! They seem like such a beautiful and FUN couple. I love your eye for composition and framing.

Great mix of emotion and portraits. Lovely storytelling.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. What a fun looking day. Really like your posing.

Awesome! You really caught all the emotions and the details and the green colours outdoors are just amazing.
Solid work!

What a cute cute couple! I love their portraits and the shots right after the ceremony. Great job, Sam!