Cecilia + Jimmy | AUSTIN WEDDING AT THE AT&T Conference Center

June 5, 2013

I remember meeting Cecilia and Jimmy at Spiderhouse last summer. Little did I know, we would spend two hours talking. Bear in mind that my consults are geared towards getting to know each other as people rather than just weddings. We have to be the right fit because we spend up to 10 hours of the wedding day together. We talked about our lives at UT, how they met, what their hobbies are, favorite movies and etc. Probably the most important things that came out of that meeting was if Blade Runner still holds up and just the amount of trust Cecilia and Jimmy had for me.

The University of Texas had been the mecca for Cecilia and Jimmy’s relationship. They met and dated while attending college here in their undergrad, which is a huge chunk of their adult lives. They both work on campus, so UT was their lives, and not in the rabid, fan-crazed way. They love this place for the beauty, memories, and special moments that have and will occur here. I was so glad that everything was centered around this idea. They did part of their engagement session here, as well as have the whole wedding day at the AT&T Conference Center and University Catholic Church. Thank you so much Cecilia and Jimmy for trusting me with your day, I loved every minute of it.

Florist: Petal Pushers
Make Up and Hair: LuiceMarie
Cake: Michelle’s Patisserie
DJ: Texas Pro DJ – Brad Bueller
Catering: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
Dress: Moonlight


Damn it, that groom has the same shoes as me. It’s too mainstream now!

Great quality of work Sam!

I could talk about any part of this wedding as it is all utterly brilliant but the silhouettes that you created really stood out for me, fantastic work!

The storytelling in this is insane, love your compositions!

So many awesome shots throughout the day and that looked like a really rad party!

Love those reflective ceremony shots! Quality.

Amazing wedding! Love the portraits, and perfect story telling!

I love, LOVE the getting ready shots of the bride. They’re beautiful!

Of course Cecilia and Jimmy had a freaking amazing wedding and of course you captured it so wonderfully well. Love your attention to detail and storytelling

Wow, great work! Love your preparations photos 🙂

Perfectly captured. 🙂 I like the “Hi, how are you” frog too. 🙂

wow – I love how you get right into the action!

That’s how you document baby!!! This wedding looked awesome! You are pure genius sir, pure genius!