To photograph your wedding day as you experienced it, but also show you your guests' perspective and all the viewpoints in between. Images of your parents, your friends fully present, the quietness and the chaos. That portraits don't need to be static - I'm all about that unguarded and idiosyncratic photograph. That your images should hold a palatable sense of joy, love and kinship.

Your gallery colors will be vivid, and the tonality of black and white photographs will seamlessly complement the color. That ambient light documented, as is, conveys your memory to the space, but also flash with intentional dimension can create a throughline to earlier photography styles seen in your grandparents' albums.

I want my presence to create a calming environment where everything just feels effortless. By your wedding day, I will not be there solely as your photographer but more akin to your friend as a guest.

May you be unapologetically you. I want you to fully experience your day. I'll document it. Let's make some memories.

I welcome and celebrate all love and humans.

My priority is photographing in a style that conveys the experience fully. When couples look through their images, that heartfelt connection to those moments is felt. I hope that the images will take on new meaning as time passes and that new favorites will be selected. Each gallery is distinctly unique, a reflection of the people within them.


Absolutely! I love getting to know people, whether in person in Austin, Chicago, or if our paths cross somewhere on our travels. In person schedules don't align? Let's do a video call. My favorite is to sit down with you both over a coffee or drink and learn more about you as individuals and as a couple.

Reach out to me at and let's set up a time to talk.


May we meet you beforehand?

Your wedding images will be in a private online gallery to show your family and friends in about 8 to 12 weeks. Your session images will be viewable in a gallery in 3 weeks.

However, within a week of your event, a selection of images will be prepared to reminisce over your day before your final gallery delivery.


How Long after the wedding or shoot do we receive our images?

Yes! Your entire gallery will be edited with the equivalent attention you see in my portfolio. Every image is hand selected and edited by me.


Will all our images be edited?

Oh, do I ever! As of 2023 and 2024, I am based in Austin, Chicago, and Banff, with work across America and Canada. I love what I do and enjoy exploring places my couples connect with. I embrace the challenge of immersing myself in new landscapes and studying how light photographs differently in metropolitans compared to nature.

If you connect with my work, I'd love to join you for your celebration.

do you travel for weddings?


In 2011 I met a fellow photographer on Flickr, who is Canadian. We fell in love over a mutual appreciation of shrimp and are now married, continuing our long-distance relationship. Austin is my American home, where you will find me photographing mostly. Banff (really Canmore, which is 10 minutes down the road from the Banff National Park gates) is our Canadian home with a loft above a ski shop. Toronto (September - December 2023) and Chicago (January - June 2024) are temporarily home while she pursues a masters degree in Photography Preservation, and we live our best big city life in a studio apartment fondly known as 'The Postage Stamp'.

I'm a seasoned traveller and ensure I leave plenty of time between travel and events.

Austin, Chicago, and Banff. Those are a lot of bases. What is happening there?


Banana cream with whiskey whipped cream.

What is your favorite pie?


More questions? Let's talk!