Intimate at Home Elopement In Austin

Jennifer and Jason chose an intimate elopement at home. Solely themselves, a judge, and their dachshund, Kensington. They met at work in Toronto, moving to Austin after hearing how much the city had to offer. Settling in the Hill Country after years of living in the big city was a perfect backdrop to get married.

There's something unique and personal about eloping at home; most importantly, you can do things your own way. The day was stress-free, with Jennifer and Jason getting ready in their house. Jennifer took Kensington for a walk and enjoyed a cheeseburger from McDonald's, appreciating how the quality of McDonald's is consistent no matter where you are in the world. While getting ready, she shared a photo of her Grandma, who had made a significant impact on her life.

Jennifer and Jason had a short and sweet ceremony in their living room, followed by a celebration with a bottle of champagne they had been saving for a special occasion. We then explored their Italian-inspired home, savoring many moments of quietness in between.

Bride getting her hair ready for an intimate at home elopement
Bridge walking through her house at an Austin elopement
Bride eating McDonald's before her Austin elopement
Bride feeding her dashshund before her elopement
Bride helping her groom get in his suit before an Austin home elopement
Bridge putting on shoes before an Austin elopement
First look in front of a grand piano in an Intimate at Home Elopement In Austin
Bride taking a dog out for a walk
Ceremony in the living room at anIntimate at Home Elopement In Austin
Groom opening a bottle of champagne
A timeless portrait of the couple during the Austin elopement
Intimate at Home Elopement In Austin
Intimate at Home Elopement In Austin
Bride and groom walking up the stair during the elopement
Intimate at Home Elopement In Austin

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