Lisa + Kanishka | Austin Wedding at Springdale Farms

Lisa and Kanishka’s wedding is one I have been dying to blog!

What I really love about their meeting story is how it reminds me of my relationship; that taking risks in the name of love is definitely a scary proposition, but worth it when it succeeds. An offhand chance meeting at a college party, hitting it off immediately, and then a week later, deciding to spend a spring break across the country with someone they have only met once sounds like it could be disastrous, but Lisa and Kanishka had that spark.

Their wedding day was held at the amazing Springdale Farm, complete with crops and animals. Lisa got ready in an adorable air stream, then it was off to their first look. In addition to their wedding ceremony, they also incorporated a Sri Lankan ceremony, which was great to document. Their day ended with a lovely family style dinner, complete with a whole hog that had been roasting all day. Speeches took place on the lawn, then they danced the night away.

All and all, it was seriously a delightful wedding.

Day of Coordinator: Rima Sheegog
Florist: Rima Sheegog
Catering: Eden East
Cake: Groom’s Sister (It was the best wedding cake I have had)
Dress: William Cahill Vintage Dress

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