Jess + Evan | Mueller Park Engagement Photography

As someone who started a long-distance, international relationship about 10 years ago, I am a firm believer in putting yourself out there. When Jess saw in one of my Instagram that I was migrating out of Austin for the season, we set up an impromptu engagement session a few days later. Jess and Evan met at the Austin Stone, where a friendly coffee date turned into a relationship. They bonded over their love of live music, the Austin food scene, and dancing.

Located just three miles from downtown Austin is the community of Mueller, a largely newer development on the land that was once the Austin airport. Mueller Park was the perfect location for Jess and Evan’s engagement photography session, combining both industrial vibes and all the goodness that comes with light and shadow in minimalistic designed parking structures, and distinctly Texas fields of long dry grass with overarching oak trees.

When choosing a location for an engagement session it’s always wonderful when we can achieve a variety of backdrops in a single area. This allows for a change of scenery, a change of clothes to incorporate both a more casual and more dressy look, all while working in good light. So when Jess and Evan took me up on Mueller Park I was ecstatic.

We first explored the parking lot by the Alamo Drafthouse – a photographer’s delight with intersecting lines and a mix of natural and artificial light on the bottom floor. To be able to use levels and layers, and light and shadow, when working with a couple as carefree in the most delightful way was wonderful. Jess and Evan changed into more formalwear, with Jess in that stunning red dress and Evan looking smart. We chased the last of the evening light in a field just blocks away. Who knew, in the heart of a city of a million, was such a wonderful retreat showing Texas nature?

Couple holding hands as they walk side by side on a parking structure in Austin Engaged couple walking on the roof of a parking garage with his arm draped over her shoulders, her hand holding his Light and shadow play for an engagement session in Austin with the couple sitting on an elevated sidewalk in Mueller Park Engaged couple joyfully running hand in hand up an empty parking lot structure Alternative engagement session photography with couple sitting on parking structure in Mueller Park shading their eyes from the sun Mueller Park engagement photography session with casual stylish couple holding hands in parking spot Engaged couple dancing at Mueller Park in Austin, Texas in black and white Motion blur as couple dances hand in hand in a parking structure in Austin Texas' Mueller Park district Sunset engagement photography session at Mueller Park in Austin with couple holding hands looking towards downtown Classic red dress engagement photography session inspiration in Mueller Park Urban park engagement session in Mueller, Austin Couple running hand in hand through a grass field in Mueller Park Alternative engagement photography session at Mueller Park in Austin, Texas

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