Paige and David | The Dunlavy Wedding

Paige and David met while studying abroad in Copenhagen. Paige found David’s flash drive at the computer lab, and they met for coffee to exchange the flash drive. What was supposed to be a quick meet up turned out to be hours upon hours of conversing. They has met at the tail end of the semester, so they started distance dating. Eight years later, they decided to get married. Paige and David wanted a laid back experience, they wanted to embrace the Danish custom of the hygge, which translates roughly to “coziness.” To achieve this coziness, they wanted lots of candles to create a warm environment for their friends and family to enjoy. I loved how present everyone was at this joyous affair. 

Venue: The Dunlavy | Dress: BHLDN | Wedding Planner: Something to Celebrate| Florist: Last Petal| Catering: The Dunlavy | Cake: Cakes by Gina | Music: LG Entertainment | Hair:SHYN

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