Sam + Taylor | One Eleven East Wedding

One Eleven East is fast becoming one of my favorite spaces in the Austin area for intimate weddings. The historic structure in Hutto, Texas is marvelously restored while honoring it’s beautiful bones that acts as a canvas that can revel in it’s simplicity or be the backdrop for creative couples. Sam and Taylor managed to do both with their use of crawling greenery intertwined seamlessly with the white brick backdrop, the pops of mulberry colored florals, complimenting metallic gold cutlery and candlesticks.

The greenery backdrop from The Heirloom Table framed the end of the diagonal aisle where Sam and Taylor first set eyes on each other after final preparations. It’s that moment where there is a mix of relief and excitement of seeing each other. Where you see the couple simultaneously want to be as close to each other and embrace, while also grasping each other’s hands and stepping back to admire those final details. The lines of the vines mimicking the beadwork on Sam’s BHLDN dress and the subtle dash of color echoing Taylor’s tie.  After several moments of taking it all in (and maybe admiring shoe selection) the festivities were underway.

Light plays such an integral role in a wedding day and it sure did deliver for Taylor and Sam. As she walked down the aisle with her father the light poured in through the steel frame windows adding a rather rare juxtaposition of shadow and light. Beginning with the story of how they first met in Turkey and were destined to be together, to singing songs close to their heart and quiet moments of prayer, the ceremony ended with a kiss awash in the last of the day’s sunlight.

As the guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the outdoor courtyard they took a few moments to themselves. We off-roaded (as much as my Honda Fit can off-road) to silos at the end downtown Hutto, soaking in those last moments of daylight.

They returned to their friends and family making themselves comfortable along the farm tables that stretched down the entirety of the room. Between speeches that attested to their love for one each other they were cherished, embraced and Taylor admired his ring in what I do declare is the most charming fashion.  Together they swayed to their first dance, surrounded by a room of their closest people standing shoulder to shoulder. As the song ended the crowd descended upon the dance floor and the best of times were had.

Venue: One Eleven East  | Wedding Planner: Shelley Hale  | Dress: BHLDN| Florist: Heirloom Table | Catering: Austin Catering | Cake: Michelle’s Patisserie| Music: Altared Weddings | Hair & Makeup: Dash at Lavish Beauty |

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