Sara + Bryan | Big Bend National Park Elopement

West Texas will always have a special place in my heart, so it was such an honor to return for Sara and Bryan’s Big Bend elopement. I grew up in El Paso, which is pretty much as far west as you can get in Texas. Growing up, I remember how boring I found the desert, and how I eagerly wanted to leave. It is funny how when driving from Austin to Big Bend National Park, I now appreciate the beauty of watching the vegetation change from the auspicious Hill Country to the barren desert. It’s like how I hated cilantro as a kid, and now I want piles of it on my banh mi.

When Sara and Bryan first contacted me, they were super flexible with scheduling, with them being able to get married in a few weeks. It was just going to be the two of them, along with their officiant/surprise troubadour Jeff, and yours truly. Sara and Bryan spent the afternoon getting ready together (the best) at the Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa. It was lovely watching Sara help Bryan get ready, watching their impromptu first look (Bryan went to the car to look for his socks) and watching them make coffee before their ceremony.

Apparently, when you hire Jeff, you don’t get an officiant, you get one who sings before and after the ceremony. Sara and Bryan exchanged their elopement vows in front of Santa Elena Canyon, had various onlookers take photos, and enjoyed Jeff’s tunes. We then spent the rest of the day exploring Big Bend’s gorgeous landscapes and light. I could not have envisioned a better day.
Couple descending the stairs at Lajitas Golf Resort for their Big Bend elopement An eloping couple and the guitar playing commissioner prepping for their Big Bend elopement in a canyon Couple signing their wedding certificate on a picnic table in West Texas Sunset elopement portraits at Santa Elena Canyon with light pouring in through the rock walls Eloping couple heading to a unique portrait location in Big Bend National Park Adventurous elopement couple sitting on the white sand dunes in the heart of Big Bend
If you are interested in eloping in Big Bend I would love to help you curate an experience and day that is true to you. Connect for more information for Big Bend elopement photography here.

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