Alexandra + Stephen | Sekrit Theater Elopement

Their original wedding date was May 5, 2018. But that didn’t happen. So this is the story of how these two beautiful souls planned a Sekrit Theater elopement, alongside their dog, Lola, and a bottle of champagne that came along for the journey

Images of their urban greenhouse elopement, story below.


The Backstory

The original wedding date was set, before a move to New York City was decided upon. So they postponed, and instead decided to travel to France to celebrate the wedding date that wasn’t. It was on that trip that Alexandra and Stephen purchased a bottle of Ployez-Jacquemart Liesse d’Harbonville Brut. A memento, a nod to what was originally planned and instead a way to carry it forward to the following year when they would open it on a newly decided date. That bottle made the trip across the Atlantic and called New York City home for a while. On its one-year purchase-iversary, the plans were pushed again, 2020 was going to be the year! But then, 2020 happened, and it was not the year.  Along with its keepers, that bottle of champagne made its way to California instead. Sitting unopened, but not forgotten. 

A new year and ready for a fresh start, Alexandra and Stephen moved to Austin in January of 2021. Three cities, and three years later, it was time to celebrate. It was time for this little bottle of champagne that is better travelled than most of us, to make its short but delicious debut. In case you are like, ‘Wow, this entire elopement revolves around the champagne!’ – let me assure you, there is much more to the day. However, I feel the beautiful resilience, and simultaneous flexibility, with the intention to honor original plans, speaks volumes about these two and their relationship. It’s beautiful and comical, and those are at least two winning combinations in a marriage.

The Austin Elopement

So with weeks to go before the day, they discovered that obtaining a marriage license in a global pandemic can be, to put it mildly, tricky. With many inquiries and perhaps a touch of panic they secured a last-minute appointment and so the legalities were taken care of. So on May 5th, of 2021, they got ready at The Line Hotel in Downtown Austin. Rosé popped and polaroids taken, they got ready with each other. In their hotel room overlooking downtown they saw each other dressed up for their elopement, after so many years of waiting. I will admit, Lola’s expression of endearment towards Stephen may have been the winning expression for me.

We then made our way to Sekrit Theater, where they eloped in the greenhouse. The play of light and shadow in Sekrit Theater never disappoints. It’s visual poetry. Vows exchanged, tears shed, rings were on fingers, they were finally wed. So was the moment, for the most well-travelled bottle of Brut (not verified by Guinness World Records), to shine. In that industrial greenhouse, on the other side of the world, Alexandra and Stephen opened the bottle to celebrate years of change. An ode to the years previous, and a nod to the years ahead.

Congratulations you two on your Sekrit Theater elopement. It was a pleasure to be part of.

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