Paige + Braden | Sekrit Theater Engagement Session

July 16, 2020

There is something so special about the remnants of old school industrial East Austin, a place that reminds me so much of the Austin I moved to in 2004. So when Paige and Braden mentioned wanting to use Sekrit Theater for their engagement session, I knew the perfect complementary location to start was minutes away. A place where a touch of derelict intertwined with nature finding a way to thrive amidst the cracks and neglect. The crackling mustard yellow and sky blue paint of the building somehow magically corresponded with the pieces Paige and Braden chose to wear. A contrast of warm and cool tones to seamlessly connect a couple so in love since high school, to the landscape of the state they met.

Engagement sessions tend to start a bit slow, where the couple grows more familiar with me and I with them.  We meandered the abandoned warehouse grounds for a bit, and I learned more about their story and their wedding plans. What usually is a gradual process to get into our groove was natural and easy. They were carefree and simply enjoyed each other’s presence.

As the sun sank lower we made our way towards Sekrit Theater, a tucked-away garden with a building and a bus that are simultaneously both retro and timeless which suits Paige’s impeccable aesthetics marvelously. As a photographer, I adored using the leading lines of the glass and steel building, and of the varying textures. How Sekrit Theater pairs equally well with formal and casual engagement sessions. I enjoyed the pops of color of the floral art installation piece and the living room-esque interior of the mid-century school bus gave us a variety of looks.

Sekrit Theater is such a charming location for an Austin engagement session.

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Engagement Session Location: Sekrit Theater in Austin, Texas

If you are interested in an engagement session at Sekrit Theater I would love to be in touch. To see a mountainous couple’s session in my second home of Banff, see Laura and Ryan’s photography session at Moraine Lake here.