Ashley + Brandon | South Congress Hotel Wedding

This South Congress wedding is a mullet. It's business in the front and a party at the back. Ashley and Brandon wanted the day to feel like heaven on earth, to celebrate their love, and to have a banger of a time with their friends. The weather was perfect for January, easy to mistake it for a spring day. Vows and rings were exchanged in the beautiful South Congress Hotel courtyard, surrounded by florals from my favorite florist, Mountain Laurel Floral. But, once the sun went down, the day shifted to one of the most memorable receptions to date.

Immediately after dinner, the Squid Games theme played, and "The Brandon Ashley Games" appeared on the projector screen. The guests formed two teams representing Ashley and Brandon. The first game was a simple game of Ashley and Brandon-themed trivia. If a team got a question wrong, they would have to drink the red liquid. The red liquid could either be water or vinegar. The second game was butt wrestling. People would line up back to back, and whoever's booty could push the other away would be the winner. 

The final game of the evening was a relay race between the teams where they had to pass a plastic ball among themselves while clenching plastic spoons with their teeth. Finally, the teams had to find the bride/groom's shoe hidden in the room. The room's energy shifted once the relay race part finished and the shoe-finding hunting started. The competition overtook people. It was like watching a domesticated animal go feral. Watching someone think they found Ashley's shoe, only to realize a decoy had duped them, was tragically hilarious.

After a winner was crowned, the South Congress dancefloor lit up. The guests dancing together in such bombastic harmony was a fitting way to end the night. More interactive games at weddings, please <3.


Austin Venue: South Congress Hotel  | Wedding Planner: Heavenly Day Events | Florist: Mountain Laurel Floral | Music: DJ Brian Weber | Hair and Makeup: Makenzi Laine | Signage: Jen Krause Paper 

If you are planning a wedding or elopement in Austin, TX I would so love to hear from you.

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